Sustainability Report🌿

Zero Net Emissions

Due to a serious amount of concern from all sides of the crypto and NFT space, being able to mint, buy, and sell NFTs with a small environmental footprint becomes a paramount point. At Lovada, we're devoted to ecological support, and believe (rightfully) that artists should not have to live with the burden of destroying the planet in order to make an honest living.

That's why we use Cardano as our core blockchain technology - 99.99% more energy efficient than Ethereum where the vast majority of NFT markets currently reside. We also choose to use Google Cloud Platform for our hosting as they are the only cloud service provider who use 100% renewable energy sources, and align with our planet-loving goals. The Lovada platform runs entirely off solar and wind energy, with zero net emissions!

Full Breakdown

ItemDetailDaily Energy Usage (kWh)
Cardano NodeGoogle Cloud Compute (Small)1.2 kWh
Lovada Web AppGoogle Cloud Compute (Large)2.6 kWh
Lovada Media StorageGoogle Cloud Compute (Small)1.2 kWh
Lovada DatabaseGoogle Cloud SQL (Medium)1.92 kWh
Lovada Development EnvironmentDedicated self-hosted headless server0.24 kWh
Lovada TransactionsAll daily transactions on the blockchain0 kWh
TOTAL 7.16 kWh
This is equivalent to about 8 laptops, or less total energy consumption than driving 2 miles a day in your car.

These calculations aren’t 100% accurate due to the technicalities involved in monitoring the power consumption of virtualized cloud infrastructure, but give the closest results of the amount of energy required to run our platform. We do this to help you understand that we take our planet seriously. Add onto this the fact we're plant-based🥬, it should be pretty clear where we stand on this matter!