Artist Fees

In order to remain fully transparent and fair, we provide a complete explanation of all fees that artists and collectors have to pay when they use the Lovada platform for buying or selling art. It should be clear that we do not charge fees for work that doesn't sell, and there are no gas fees for unsold work. We also do not want artists to take the full hit on platform fees and instead are working towards a model whereby collectors and artists take shared responsibility over platform fees, both paying equal amounts.

Collector ⇝ 3% of asking price
Artist ⇝ 3% of asking price
Artist Pays
ActionNetwork Fee (ADA)Platform Fee (%)
Creating a listing00
Cancelling a listing00
Selling a piece0.43%

At Lovada, we use a revolutionary protocol we coined Mint-on-Sale. This is where work is not minted on-chain until it is sold. This means we minimise fees for our users, and reduce the environmental impact of on-chain activity.

Collector Fees

All collectors pay a fixed network fee, as well as 3% above asking price for every purchase as defined below:

ActionNetwork Fee (ADA)Platform Fee (%)
Making a bid00
Cancelling a bid00
Winning an auction0.43%

These fees are estimated based on testing we have performed. This page is subject to changes as the project develops before launch, but we make a promise to never change our platform fees without a community vote once we go live. That's a pinky promise!